Bring your own beer or wine on the trolley!

 Here is how it works as agreed upon with City of Flag Police dept

In order to BYOB, all riders must be 21 and have proper ID, no exceptions. 

  • Sealed Cans only - No glass, no wine boxes, no mixed drinks, no hard alcohol, no jello shots, no pre-mixed drinks

  • You bring the drinks, we have a cooler with ice and complimentary waters on the trolley.

  • Each rider may bring up to 36oz beer or 18oz wine.

  • Drinks must be consumed ON the trolley only, if you step off with a drink in your hand, you may be ticketed for violation of open container law.

  • Any violation of above rules may result in immediate removal of rider from the trolley with no refund, deliberate mess or damage will result in a $150 cleaning fee charged to the person who has the bike reserved.

  • Any behavior deemed too intoxicated, unsafe or inappropriate towards the driver, the public or bar staff can result in immediate removal from the trolley with no refund.

  • Alcohol is NOT permitted on the crab bike due to AZ State laws. Alcohol is also not permitted when anyone under the age of 21 is riding as our drivers can not regulate this while driving.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) How many people does it take to pedal? 

A) The trolley seats 14 on a private tour with a min of 7. The CRAB seats 6 with a min of 4.


Q)How long is the tour and how many stops do we make? 

A) The pub crawl tour is 2 hours and usually makes 3 stops.  If you prefer to go longer than 2 hours, the trolley can be rented for an additional hour at $175 and the crab at $80. Please call for availability. 

Q) What if the weather is bad? 

A) We ride rain, snow or shine! Flagstaff's weather can change by the minute so dress appropriately. We have ponchos as well as hand warmers for your comfort and we will cancel if the weather is deemed dangerous. In snowy conditions, we will watch the road ways and determine whether or not the tour will run with notification sent to the group 2 hours prior to the tour start time. For further questions email or call us directly.


Q) What is the cancellation policy? 

A) Purchased individual seats are non-refundable but 100% transferable, just let us know who is riding. Private tours can be cancelled with a full refund up to 7 days in advance. Less than 7 days notice you will be given the option to reschedule or lose your deposit. If it is less than 48 hours notice, you will be given the option to re-schedule for a $50 fee otherwise you will not be refunded. If you fail to show to your scheduled tour time, you will not be refunded. If you are late to your tour, your tour will still end at the designated time as we often have back-to-back tours and cannot run late. We try to make this a great experience for you and your group, please be respectful of other groups as well as of your driver and arrive to your tour 15-30 minutes early so your tour can start on time. There is a waiver to fill out and pre-boarding rules/regulations. 


Q) What if the minimum number of people is not met?

A) The bikes all have a minimum number of people required in order to pedal them. The Crab bike requires a minimum of 4 people. The Trolleys both require a minimum of 7 people. If you booked individual seats on a tour open to the public, your booking is not confirmed until the minimum amount of people has been met. You can either check back to our websites booking page and see how many people have booked, or you are welcome to call or email us to inquire. If it is not met, you will be notified 24 hours prior to the start of your tour to re-schedule or if there are at least 4 riders, you may transfer your reservation to the Crab bike if it is available. 


Q) Can we choose our route/stops? 

A) Absolutely! When you arrive for your tour, your driver will provide you with a list of stops to choose from. You may also find the list on the Tour Stops page on our website. The discounts vary by location and can change, please check with your driver at the time of the tour for the current discount!


Q) What about music? 

A) The trolley and Crab both have a sound system to keep your party rockin! We have a huge playlist with a wide variety to suit most groups. Feel free to bring along your own music as well, we have both lightning plugs and head phone adaptors. It is recommended if you want to play your own music to designate a DJ to sit up by the driver. Vulgar language is not permitted as we want to respect our community members.


Q) What about kids?

A) If you rent the whole trolley or crab bike,  kids may pedal if they are 12+ years and able to reach the pedals. Otherwise children under 12 must ride accompanied by a responsible parent or guardian on the back bench of the trolley. Unfortunately children under the age of 12 are not permitted on the crab bike.  Alcohol is not permitted on the trolley if children are on board.  On an individual seat ride, children will not be permitted due to these tours  being open to the public, you must rent the entire bike for an exclusive party.  If you have kids on board please let us know in advance. Each child will need to have a parent or guardian sign a waiver, we are happy to email the waiver in advance so friends may join. The signed waiver will be their ticket on board. While it is not required, we do recommend children bring their own bike helmet for safety.

Q) Do I have to be 21 years of age to ride?

A) It depends. You must be 21 years of age to ride on an individual seat tour. However if your group has booked the entire trolley, you may ride as long as there is no alcohol on board. We check ID’s of every participant before boarding.


Q) What about the name?  

A) While you are with us, you are a pedaler (a person who drives a pedal powered vehicle) unlike a peddler (a person who sells things door to door)


Q) Where can I find the waiver?

A) Two days prior to you tour you will receive an email that will contain a URL link to your waiver. Follow the link, fill out the waiver for the initial person and once signed there will be an option to add additional guests. Here you can add the name and email of your guests and an email with the link to the waiver will automate in their inbox. If you didn’t fill out the waiver ahead of time, no worries! We have iPad to sign the waiver on when we check everyone in.


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