Can I drink alcohol on the Alpine Pedaler?

NO ALCOHOL is allowed on the Alpine Pedaler at this time due to State and Local laws.

Does the Alpine Pedaler supply food or drinks?

YES! Complimentary H2O is provided during the warmer months. Riders may bring on any permissible food or non alcoholic beverages they wish. We have plenty of space in the inside roof rack.

How many people ride on a pub crawl or tour? How many pedal?

The trolley carries 14 riders. Do not bring more than 14 people. Additional riders may not be permitted due to safety. There are 6  seats on each side (5 that pedal), and two non-pedaling seats on the rear bench. The crab carries up to 6

What if the weather is bad?

The Alpine Pedaler operates rain or shine. We know Flagstaff’s weather can change in a minute—Please dress for the weather! If severe weather does occur, Alpine Pedaler reserves the right to cancel the tour and offer the renter a rain check. See the cancellation policy for details.

What if our pub crawl tour takes too long?

You may be charged a late fee if you do not return the bike to it’s starting point within 15 minutes of the scheduled return time. (Traffic beyond our control is taken into consideration!) The time it takes to complete a tour is up to the people pedaling, as the driver doesn’t pedal. We have test-pedaled all routes in order to inform our riders of the tour lengths!

Do you provide a driver?

Always. Our insurance provider requires it.

Who’s in charge of the Alpine Pedaler?

A. The driver. If you act in a dangerous manner or participate in inappropriate behavior, you’ll be asked to get off and find your own way home.

B. The renter on a private tour. Only one person can be a renter and that person is the only person the driver answers to. The renter is also responsible for full payment and to maintain the tour schedule to avoid late charges.

What is the liability waiver for? And what about helmets?

Just like riding a bike, there are risks involved and our insurance provider requires a waiver. Children accompanied by parents can come along on selected tours but anyone under 18 must wear a helmet per city ordinance. Please call ahead.  We offer bike helmets and recommend they be worn by all riders.

When do I pay for the pub crawl? How do I pay?

A pub crawl rider pays when the seat is booked from our website, alpinepedaler.com. A private tour is reserved when the initial deposit is made. See Book A Tour for full reservation details.

What if I want to cancel or reschedule my pub crawl?

Purchased pub crawl seats are non-refundable but 100% transferable to another rider. Just let us know who will be taking your place. See Book a Tour for details on private tour cancellations.

Where does the tour start and end?

The Alpine Pedaler starts and ends tours at Mother Road Brewing Co.  7 S. Mikes Pike, or The Green Room 15 N. Agassiz Flagstaff.  There is plenty of parking nearby but Alpine Pedaler recommends that if riders will be drinking alcohol, you designate a driver or take a cab for the evening.

Does Alpine Pedaler run all year long?

Weather dependent…..yes!

What’s the earliest / latest I can rent the Alpine Pedaler?

Hours of operation are generally between 1130am and 1130pm, unless by special arrangement.   Private tour hours  are negotiable. Check the website for available dates/times

What is the minimum number of people required to operate the Alpine Pedaler?

We recommend a minimum of 7 people on the trolley. 4-6 on the crab

How fast is the Alpine Pedaler?

5-7 MPH

Can the Alpine Pedaler go up hills?

Small ones.  Our pub crawl routes are relatively flat.

Can I make my own route for a tour?

On private tours we will work with you to plan a route to best suit your needs. We can customize to accommodate families, non alcohol related tours

What about music?

We have a full sound system on the Alpine Pedaler with a huge playlist OR feel free to bring your iPods along to plug into our system and listen to your own tunes!